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Echoes Studios

Echoes Studios was opened in 2022 by Adi Rotem. Having realized there was a lack of inspirational studio environments for artists, Adi saw an opportunity and embarked upon building a new recording studio.


The studio was designed and built from the ground up. Located in Kfar Saba, Adi maintained a philosophy of passionately producing the best possible sounding music in a cozy place

The layout of the studio, including the placement of furniture and availability of amenities, fosters a positive energy environment and an inspiring recording atmosphere.

“When recording music, our strongest focus is on the artists and the music. We do all we can to make the artists feel as comfortable as possible, making sure we provide the best environment so they can produce their best results.”

“The open layout of the studio and magnificent and inspiring energy, combined with a large amount of natural sunlight and a relaxed vibe, all help to create a unique and inspiring recording experience.”

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