Adi rotem




Adi Rotem (AKA Choke)
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel

Adi Rotem is an experimental Tel-Aviv-based music producer A.K.A Choke. Adi is currently working with some of the biggest names in the Israeli music industry.

Throughout his career, Adi has produced music for Mark Eliyahu, Mabel Matiz, Ania Bukshetein, Jane Bordeaux, Dikla, Keren Peles, Aya Zahavi, Carakukli, Tuna, Ravid Plotnik, and many other young artists. 

Adi's work on the score of  “Tehran” (Apple TV) won the Israeli Television Academy Award for Original Series Soundtrack in the category of Best Original Music in 2020.


The mediterranean sea dutios

The Mediterranean Sea Studios

The Mediterranean Sea Studios was opened in 2020 by Adi Rotem, Einav Jackson Cohen & Shai Nehaisi. Having realized there was a lack of inspirational studio environments for artists in Tel Aviv, Adi saw an opportunity and embarked upon building a new recording studio.


The Mediterranean Sea Studios was designed and built from the ground up. Located in South Tel Aviv, Adi maintained a philosophy of passionately producing the best possible sounding music in a cozy place


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